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What Clients Are Saying

“Thank you so much for all your help with the new house. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us. Because of your help we are celebrating our first married Christmas in our new home. Thank you also for the gift cards. As a home owner, you should know we put them to good use.”

Chelmsford, MA.

Kate & Jeff Gleisberg
Dear Anthony,
Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with selling our house, helping us buy our new one,mortgage referrals-and more!.It was so convenient to be able to have someone sell our home as quickly as you did,and find us a new one just as fast,and have all the people we needed to contact ready to go!Our home was exactly what we were looking for..Everything went very smooth ,and came without all the headaches and stress during a very hectic time.  Anthony truly is the King of Realtors.We would recommend him to anyone,without a doubt. 
Thank you for all of your help.
Sincerely,The Lochiatto Family
Debbie & Lenny

As first-time home buyers, we really were not sure what we were looking for.  What we really needed was an agent in the business who really knows about the properties in the area. 

 For the complex process of purchasing our first home, Anthony sure made it simple.  He was there to work with us every step of the way, and truly knows about the properties.  Anthony pointed out both strengths and weaknesses in every property we looked at, while never trying to sell us something that had issues or just wasn't right for us.  Anthony went the extra mile to do more than was expected from a real estate agent, from helping us through the paperwork to offering rides; he was more than just a business associate, but a true friend. 

 For a negotiator, there is no one better than Anthony Susi; he helped us along the way until we found the home that was right for us  --  and for a price we were more than satisfied with. 

 The people I have spoken with who have worked with Anthony agree that he is the best.  You really can't go wrong with “the King”.  He will always be quick to respond to all of your needs and help out wherever needed.  Anthony worked with us from search to closing and continues to make sure that we are settled and happy with our new home.  

 In the end, we were more than happy with our purchase and would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a property.

 You’re the best,
Dan & Yan

“We just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on selling or home so fast and for such a great price even with the market making an adjustment. We absolutely love our new home in “Lincoln Woods”. Thank you for making it all possible :) You are ‘The King Of Realtors!’”

Waltham, MA

Richard & Mary Vanaria

My wife & I found ourselves in a very difficult spot in April 09.  We had to sell our house very quickly (which was a challenge in & of itself ) & we were very “upside down” on our mortgage.  We had researched our options and a “short sale” appeared to be our best bet, however we had heard ‘horror stories’ from various friends (several of them realtors) of that process being painful. 


Some of the stories included: the bank supposedly being willing to settle for a given figure but then wanting to renegotiate &/or them taking forever to truly approve the short sale at which point the buyers back out due to the time lapse & even the banks looking for cash from the former owners after the fact (i.e. leveraging other assets that an lendee may have as to why the bank should not accept the lessened figure)  Some of the above may simply be “stories” & not necessarily facts, but in any event this info made our challenge all the more daunting and again, our timeline was very short to accomplish this.

 Enter Anthony Susi!  Anthony came by the house and in 30 minutes had his game plan together for marketing the house as it needed to be listed and asking what he felt would be the perfect price to both move the house quickly as well as get the short sale approved.  He also was aware of the potential pitfalls of a short sale scenario hence he partnered with a legal consultant to make sure this would be tied up nicely.  By the time he left he was already working on posting our house & had his legal consultant fully informed & ready to engage as soon as we got an offer and… that offer came quickly!

 Two days after meeting with us, Anthony put our house on the market.  We had an offer for it 24 hours later!  The short sale was approved by our bank 4 days after that!!  In the span of 5 days all of our “challenges” were completely taken care of.  As this process unfolded I ran this info by a long time friend of mine who is a very successful and long time realtor in Boston & his words were “I am shocked… I am absolutely shocked!!  I have never seen a short sale get approved in 4 days - EVER & I haven’t seen a property sell in 24 hours in a long long time amidst this market”  That pretty much summed up our thoughts as well!!

 Anthony continued to partner with us every step of the way through closing.  He kept traffic coming to the house just in case the initial offer did not fully pan out, he facilitated all the proper paperwork via Email & Faxing such that rarely did we have to take time out to deal with that & on the few times we did, he came to our house to do so.  And as we approached the final week, Anthony PERSONALLY ensured that everything was fully in place from our home inspection to settling all fees with the town & otherwise.  The closing date came & went as promised (which he also did all the leg work on – we did not have to attend) and he is keeping us in the loop with his legal partner to ensure the short sale sees the closure that it will (i.e. we pay do not pay a DIME on Fed. Taxes or otherwise)

 In short:  On May 1st my wife & I were looking at a potentially very messy ordeal & felt overwhelmed.  On April 27th our house was on the market, on April 30th; we had an offer, on June  12th we closed without a SINGLE hitch along the way with the short sale or otherwise!  ALL due to the outstanding strategy, execution, professionalism & (true) customer service by Anthony Susi.  I would recommend him to anyone!!  THANK YOU ANTHONY!!!

Gregg and Kristin

Anthony does a great job in helping us find property to knock down and build new condos. He works right alongside us during the whole process.

He is very knowledgable and professional.